The Cursed Palace of Venice – Ca’Dario

Introducing Ca’ Dario, the cursed gothic palace of Venice! Anyone who has stayed here for more than 20 days or owned it, has befallen the curse.

Murder, suicide, bankruptcy and misery, it was named ‘the house that kills’ by local fishermen who will not cast their nets within the shadow of the building or the spirits who remain.

Wealthy nobleman Giovanni Dario founded the house in 1479 and after he died, his daughter Marietta inherited the unlucky residence. Her husband was soon stabbed and died and inconsolable, Marietta drowned herself in the Grand Canal. Soon after, their son was murdered in Greece.

In the mid-nineteenth century, an English scientist took up residence. After just a few years, his work and lifestyle led him to bankruptcy. After his secret gay affair was revealed, it became too much and he and his partner died in the palace by murder-suicide. A similar fate awaited an American who subsequently fled, only for his lover to kill himself.

Too scared to reside in it, locals stayed away from Ca’Dario and it remained empty for fifty years or so. In the sixties, opera singer Mario del Monaco was preparing to purchase the canal side property, only to be in car crash on the way to sign the deeds, so he wisely pulled out!

The seventies saw the property occupied by the Count of Turin, who was slain by his lover Raul! Kit Lambert, who managed The Who, became Baron Lambert of Palazzo Dario, before becoming embroiled in the court system to avoid drug charges. This led to his earnings being taken from him and Kit spiralled into drink and drugs despair, dying after falling down the stairs! In a strange twist of fate, John Entwistle of The Who died of a cocaine induced heart attack, just one week after renting the palace…

A local businessman purchased the cursed home in the eighties with his sister. In a short time frame he lost all his wealth and his sister died in a car collision. Italian mogul Raul Gardini took over residency, before he too saw his empire crash and he committed suicide in 1993.

Were their hauntings driving the occupants of the palazzo to their doom? Kit Lambert thought so and started to sleep in a local hotel to escape the ghosts he believed surrounded him.

The curse may have begun beneath the foundations, as Ca’ Dario was built over a Templar Cemetery. It now stands empty, a must visit for paranormal enthusiasts and purveyors of dark tourism, however locals stay away, fearful of seeing the shadowy figures and hearing the mumblings within.

If you are brave enough, you can purchase the haunted palace of Venice yourself – if you have €20,000,000 to spare and believe you can escape the curse of Ca’ Dario…


Published by Ann Massey McElroy

Published author and blogger specializing in Irish Folklore, Dark History and Hauntings. Travel Expert working in Travel and Tourism. Ireland Editor at and paranormal investigator. Irish Folklore Consultant for books, comics, films and video games, TV, Interviews, Guest Speaker.

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