Meet the Team

Ann Massey McElroy

Ann Massey McElroy is a respected author, paranormal investigator, history and hauntings specialist and folklorist,

Ann is Deputy Editor for Spooky Isles, the UK and Ireland’s biggest independent paranormal, horror and dark history website. Her interviews have included Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunters and Jim Fitzpatrick, Irish Mythology Artist.

A blogger at Dark Emerald Tales and Dark Emerald Travels, Ann is also a paranormal and folklore location scout, researcher and consultant for international TV, media, comics, gaming designers, scholars and travel companies. She is also a regular guest speaker, media guest and has lectured on the paranormal and Irish witch trials.

Ann has been experiencing the paranormal since childhood and has been writing and working in the field for many years. Her attention to detail and work in recordings, radio production and sound editing are a bonus for evidence analysis. Ann recently appeared on Destination Fear on their international trip to Ireland and Spike Island.

When she is not working in the paranormal field, Ann is working promoting her love of travel and Ireland, bringing groups to the Emerald Isles from overseas.

Ann has been published in tales of gothic horror as well as other fiction and non-fiction books and articles including biographies and works as a voice over-actress for independent movie makers and vloggers.

Dominic McElroy

Dominic McElroy is known for his scientific approach to paranormal investigating and understanding of environmental contaminants.

Dominic is an electrical expert, whose extensive knowledge and awareness is vital for evidence analysis, debunking, environmental studies and equipment. He has been a paranormal investigator for many years and his calm demeanour and attention to detail are vital for any investigation and private cases.

Dominic continues to work as an electrical expert keeping up to date with the latest trends, methods and technology on a daily basis.

When he is not investigating, Dominic contributes his own articles to Spooky Isles and reviews footage of alleged paranormal activity, often using his no nonsense approach to debunk.

Katie Donegan

Katie Donegan has been fascinated by the supernatural for as long as she can remember!

Mad for reading, watching vlogs and listening to podcasts on the subject, Katie’s spare time is spent researching hauntings and paranormal investigations from around the world, particularly Ireland of course!

Katie brings a level head and very practical, scientific approach to our investigations and isn’t easily swayed!

Michael Donegan

Michael Donegan like his sister Katie, has a firm rooted fascination for the supernatural side of life!

One for adventure, no paranormal hotspot is too high, too far or too deep for Michael to explore!

Simona Galeotta

Simona Galeotta is our Italian paranormal team member who lives in and explores some of the coolest creepy parts of Italy! We have known Simona for a few years now, first coming together in a discussion over Memento Mori. Simona has been to Ireland a few times and loves all things spooky and folklore related and has a great knowledge of Irish birds as omens and their place in folklore – birds are her thing! She also brings the best of the dark history and hauntings of her homeland! And her Italian red hair is as genuine as her love for Ireland and the spooky!

Michael and Eileen Pignataro

Time to introduce our American team members, Eileen Pignataro and Michael Pignataro! Eileen is Ann’s cousin, also rooted here in County Limerick and let’s just say, it runs in the family! Both are seasoned paranormal explorers and Salem is their spiritual home (where this picture was taken) which they visit frequently.

Based in Upstate New York, Eileen is a gifted psychic medium with expertise in everything from crystals and dream reading/visitation to tarot and intuitive development, and both her and Michael have had many personal paranormal experiences. They are a most welcome addition to the team and they look forward to sharing their experiences and findings with you!