The Plaza New York – Would you stay Home Alone?


The Plaza, NYC (photo Ann McElroy)

On the corner of Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park, stands one of the most iconic hotels in New York history. A place Ann and Dominic chose to celebrate their NYC wedding along with fellow team members Eileen and Mike. What was not expected in the light of day, was paranormal activity to be joining in the celebrations!

It was designed by French Renaissance inspired architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, who also designed the nearby haunted Dakota building, site of the murder of John Lennon, who experienced the spirits of The Dakota first hand. Ironically, The Beatles spent six nights in The Plaza in 1964. The 1919 additions were added by the architects of the haunted Grand Central Terminal!

The whole area including Central Park, was full of bluffs and swampland, home to the Native American Tribe, The Lenape, until Dutch settlers took control. The first building on the site (after Irish pig farmers were removed) was the New York Skating Club. Just a few feet from The Plaza is The Pond, were the spirits of two sisters are seen skating.

So many famous and often, notorious guests have stayed here, that the reports of disembodied voices, doors opening and closing on their own and shadow figures being seen regularly come as no surprise!

Champagne Bar, The Plaza NYC (photo Ann McElroy)

This brings us to our wedding lunch in The Champagne Bar of the Plaza. It was quiet, being a Monday in January and we were seated, everything lovely and normal. A can of coke was brought to Mike and we watched, astonished, is it slid from one side of the table to the other and completely twisted around 360 degrees, before sliding across again! Straight away we went into debunk mode-paranormal investigators first, wedding party second! We checked the can for expansion, dents, condensation, nothing. We checked the level of the table, the floor, everything. Our waiter came over to check if everything was ok and we asked had he experienced any unusual activity. As he opened his mouth to answer, the can moved from one side of the table to the other again! Astounded, the waiter said no and gestured to his colleagues.

Eileen immediately reached out to see if it was family, but we did not get a definitive answer, just the can moving slowly one more time, as the energy dissipated, which we finally caught on video.


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