Sometimes a private case has us so intrigued, we return again and again. This is one such case. What made it more unusual for a private case, was that the location was in the middle of a rural road!

An acquaintance who knew of our work reached out for help after one of the strangest experiences of his life. A solid individual, as he told his story he was still coming to terms with not only the event itself, but the way it had left him reeling. 

The gentleman in question was heading for a meeting, following a country lane, when he reached a bend in the road. At this point his car radio went static and as he looked into the road through his headlights, a solid mist began to take a humanoid form in front of him and began to direct his way. 

As he drove forward, the mist cut through the bonnet of the car and in through the interior and the driver himself, like “a punch to the gut.” His body turned to ice as the engine cut out. In his rear view mirror, he could see the mist begin to reform its shape as he turned the key over and over to start the car. As the mist began to move towards him once again, the car sprang to life and as he moved the mist stopped dead as the radio came to life.

When we first attended the location, you could see how nervous the individual was to revisit the spot. As there was a storm, equipment would be futile, so it was a walk around and inspection of the site and surrounding area.

To the left of the location by a couple of metres was a field containing a visible fairy fort and to the right, a house of a good age that would require investigation. There was also a running stream and an old wall that, on closer inspection, contained the remains of fossilised trees.

It was time for research. We were indeed correct that there was a fairy fort within the adjacent farmer’s field. The wall, as it turned out, was dating back over a thousand years. The house actually pre-dated the famine and was on lands that would have seen much suffering, illness and death.

Further research has shown that just a short distance away was a famine workhouse and the entire region has connections to Druids and the Knights Templar. 

Seasonal returns to the area have shown that regardless of the time of year and weather conditions, in a small area no more than two metres square, there are notable temperature drops. There is also uneasy silence and lack of birdsong for a place so rural and with trees and other suitable areas for nesting. 

We have found local stories of ghostly of funeral processions and of course the entire area was a part of various battles during the Desmond Rebellions and the invasion of Oliver Cromwell. 

The question remains, was the mist a malevolent being? That is certainly the impression left on our client, who remains shaken by the experience. Ann, being an empath, also felt a darker energy present, but more of a protective force connected to the location. Dominic noted the readings for the immediate area were inconsistent with the local baseline readings and that there were no power-lines or other man made influence within a close enough proximity to have interfered with readings, 

We conclude at this point that our client did have a paranormal experience and that the location has evidence of unusual activity to substantiate that conclusion. For now we are left with more questions than answers, but without better records for the immediate area, we cannot deduce further what or who that mist may have been.

Perhaps we shall return again and be lucky enough to experience the mist for ourselves first hand, but for now, case closed. 

Published by Ann Massey McElroy

Published author and blogger specializing in Irish Folklore, Dark History and Hauntings. Travel Expert working in Travel and Tourism. Ireland Editor at and paranormal investigator. Irish Folklore Consultant for books, comics, films and video games, TV, Interviews, Guest Speaker.

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